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Catherine Deer standing with her horse Chance

I have always enjoyed the satisfaction that the immediacy of working in graphite and charcoal afford me, and over time, discovered my attraction to working primarily with it.


I strive to create visual narratives, and although sourced from my environment, they have become informed more by my imagination, to be thought provoking and encourage the viewer to contemplate what they are feeling.  I value the power of story, and my subject matter is always purposeful to this end.  The energy I feel that many of my ideas hold, has been expressed through my large dimensional pieces.


My style is defined in each image, and has been influenced more through process than plan, beginning with rough sketches only before I create the final piece.  My work will often evolve as I am working, influenced with new experiences and processes I encounter with the medium.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.  Enjoy!

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